Nose Surgery

Nose Surgery

Nose surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries. With this surgery, detects of the nose is removed and proportion between the nose and other parts of the face will be created.

In this article, we provided useful information for those who decide to seek nose surgery.

Choosing the best surgeon

Nose surgery should be done by a skillful surgeon to have the best result. It’s better for you to have consultation with your surgeon, before surgery, and want her to show the patients before and after photos.

Post- op cares

  • Avoid entering damages to the nose
  • Use pillows while sleeping
  • Apply ice pack on the nose to prevent swelling and bruising
  • Eat more liquids and soft foods, to prevent pressure to the nose
  • Use prescribed drugs and medications
  • Wash your nose with a sterile serum
  • Taping is the most post- operative cares to reduce the swelling and also shapes the nose.
  • Tampon is removed 3 days after surgery.

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