Fleshy Nose Surgery

Fleshy Nose Surgery

Patients with fleshy nose surgery, have more fat glands and skin, with weak cartilage. So, surgeons should strengthen the cartilage, in order to form the nose. Due to having thick skin, patients may be dissatisfied about result of the surgery.

Fleshy nose surgery has more swelling and bruising, so, patients should wait. This surgery also will have long recovery time. It’s recommended to tape. Because, taping reduces the swelling.

Those who have fleshy nose, concern about result and successful rate of the surgery. But keep in mind that, skill of your surgeon directly affects on result of the surgery. This surgery, removes detects of the nose, nostrils and cartilage.

Most patients have asymmetrical nostrils, so, they seek to perform nose surgery. By performing open surgery, surgeon access to the structure of the nose. After surgery, only a small and short incision will be remained.

Some patients refer to a surgeon with breathing problem. Some patients have damages to their nasal bone or have fractures.